Small footprint.  Big adventures.


2 bedrooms

2 baths



Our Perian designs might boast the smallest footprint, but what they lack in size they make up for in all of the features of a high performance home – large south-facing glazing, thick, super-insulated walls and roof, a dedicated fresh air heat recovery ventilation, and a panelized construction system that reliably delivers excellent airtightness to keep those drafts at bay and the heat this building naturally and passively retains where it’s needed most, keeping occupants comfortable year round through all kinds of weather.  Designed to meet the Passive House Low Energy Building Standard (requiring 70% less energy to heat and cool than conventional construction), the only other thing little about this home is the amount of energy required to operate it.



Choose between three architectural styles with three corresponding floorplans.  The traditional features a gable roof and an exposed glulam roof beam supporting the roof structure, while the contemporary design features a low sloped roof with clean interior lines.  Both feature an outdoor fireplace, as indoor fireplaces in high performance homes cause air quality and overheating issues.  The “petite” takes away the outdoor fireplace, moves the entry, and simplifies the design.

Perian Traditional

Gable roof, interior glulam ridge beam, outdoor fireplace.

Download “Perian Traditional” Preview Drawings

Perian Modern

Low slope roof, clean interior lines, outdoor fireplace.

Download “Perian Modern” Preview Drawings

Perian Petite

Low slope roof, simple design

Download “Perian Petite” Preview Drawings

Layout & Orientation

Collective Homes are designed for southern orientation.  Standard layouts are offered for each architectural style.

Read more about options for changing the interior layout.

Foundations and Basements

Our standard foundation design uses an ICF foundation system with a vented crawlspace and a site-built main level floor.  Options for slab on grade, basement, or other site-specific designs are possible.

Read more about options for your foundation and/or basement.


Whether you need a screened-in porch, a detached garage, or improvements for accessibility, we can help you find the best way to include these into the standard designs.

Read more about add-on options.


Building performance is as much as about comfort, durability, and air quality as it is about energy efficiency and material choices.

Read more about performance options.

What’s included

Collective Homes include the base home design, the structural & insulated building envelope package, windows and doors, the delivery and installation of your building shell, and a number of other tools to help.

Read more about what’s included.

What’s not included

Additional design costs, equipment, finishes, and other costs aren’t included.

Read more about what’s not included.


Our 10-step process will get you from conception to move-in as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read more about the Process.


Our Collective Home packages are priced to include base costs, while a total build cost is estimated for you in our Preordering process.  After receiving your preorder, a budgeting tool is provided to help you estimate and keep an eye on the rest of the costs for your build, including additional design services; site and foundation costs; plumbing, electrical, and mechanical services; and finishes, appliances, and landscaping.

Read more about Pricing.

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