Our process is founded upon the principles of integrated design, and as such involves conversations with as many stakeholders as possible, as early in the design process as possible.  We understand that the needs of different participants in the process are unique, and welcome you to read more about the way homeowners, architects & designers, builders, developers, and engineers & consultants typically navigate the process of working with us.

If your project is designed, permitted, and ready for the foundation to be poured, we might not be the best fit, as the value we bring to the table is in using our expertise to help guide you through the process of maximizing the value of the prefab process.  Everything can be done for a price, but our best foot forward is one that is involved early on in your process.

As the market for prefab grows, our process has evolved in a number of directions to service a number of different stakeholders with different appetites for customization, different budgets, different challenges, and different ambitions.  What this has also meant is that while prefab helps reduce time and uncertainty on-site, our shop capacity isn’t infinite.  Teams which are organized, communicate clearly, and plan ahead have the best potential for maximizing the value of our process.

So how does it work, from initial conversation through to a completed, installed building envelope?  Choose your role below to understand more about the process you will typically follow in working with us:

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