Architects & Designers need to know how a prefabricated system will be incorporated into their design, what architectural possibilities it will reveal, how the structural and other performance issues will be addressed, how the installation will be coordinated and supervised, and how to communicate to their clients the benefits of a prefabricated approach.  Our process with Architects & Designers typically follows the following structure:

  • 1. Initial Conversation

    It all starts with an initial conversation so we can learn why you or your clients became interested in prefabricated high performance construction methods and where to take the conversation from there. We’ll talk about where and when the project is hoping to start construction, the budget for the project, and some ballpark numbers for a few different scope options.

  • 2. Schematic Design Review

    A more in-depth conversation will allow us to have an open discussion of various challenges or uncertainties that require clarification before panel assemblies, scope, and more detailed pricing can be provided.  At this point, designs should have plan, section, and elevation drawings available to send to us on or after the meeting.

  • 3. Introduction to the Builder, Client, etc.

    A dedicated conversation with as many stakeholders as possible helps us ensure that our material choices, scope, and estimated timeline is satisfying the needs of all team members.  This integrated design approach allows us to be more accurate, and while this meeting does not need to result in a solution for everything, the establishment of a working relationship will help the entire process run more smoothly.

  • 4. Definition of Scope

    Depending on the capabilities of the site team and the needs of the project timeline, we will work to define a scope that takes maximum advantage of the benefit provided by a prefabricated building envelope.  The definition of scope, panel assemblies, responsibilities for structure and site work, and the process for transitions between site and prefab crews will help us produce a relevant quote for the project.

  • 5. Preliminary Pricing

    After modeling the building in 3D using Cadwork and applying the material and labor requirements for the chosen scope, we will produce and deliver a highly accurate preliminary quote for consideration by the general contractor or building owner. 

  • 6. Contract Signing and Design Review

    A signed contract and a 10% deposit paid to Collective Carpentry will initiate the design review process through which our design team will produce a full set of drawings for your project for signoff by you and the engineer on the project.  This is typically a process of 3-6 weeks during which strong and efficient communication will help efficiently bring the project closer to production scheduling.  A revised estimate represents any changes to the structural or other requirements.

  • 7. Production

    Production is scheduled only once the review drawing process is complete.  Our goal is to schedule a production window well in advance of the completion of sitework such that our production is not holding up the progress of the project. Production begins with a 50% deposit and is completed within the communicated timeline, with storage following an early production completion.

  • 8. Delivery and Install

    Once the foundation preparation is complete, our shop team loads panels, and our install team arrives at the project to complete the install in a carefully sequenced process involving structural and airsealing quality control, and a mix between methodical preparation days and intense and productive crane days. A 30% payment is due at this time.

  • 9. Installation Review

    We review our install with the site team and set them up for success in maintaining the integrity of the building envelope as they take the project into window installation, plumbing, electrical, and finishing stages. It is at this time that the final 10% payment is made.

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