The Collective Home platform offers a compelling solution for property owners looking to build a high performance home without engaging in a full-scale custom home design process.  Collective Homes are sought by first time homeowners and those on the more experienced end of the spectrum alike, all looking for a comfortable, sustainable, energy efficient home to enjoy for decades to come.

For the prefabrication portion of the Collective Home offering, property owners must engage Collective Carpentry through a General Contractor, so the first step is finding one!  Don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations of contractors we’ve worked with in your region in the past, or of ones in our network that would be a good fit for this style of construction.  Having a General Contractor on board early in the process allows a suitable total building budget to be developed with attention to the cost of local trades and finish materials.  Consider engaging your General Contractor in a Pre-Construction agreement if you’re not ready to commit to a full-scale construction contract.

While we don’t suggest getting too far down the design road without a GC to accompany you in the process of assessing the size and complexity of building that will fit within your budget constraints, you can choose to engage with Collective Carpentry directly in order to make personalized modifications to a Collective Home design.  Note, however, that customizations can drive significant cost into the building costs, but we understand the value in doing some form of customization, and in fact, most projects do customize the Collective Home designs in one way or another.  If you do the design modfiications with Collective Carpentry, we’ll bring in a structural engineer to approve the building plans, and – if you wish – can provide additional energy modeling or HVAC design services to hone the performance of your home for your site.

Once your General Contractor engages Collective Carpentry as a subcontractor for the prefabrication – and, optionally, the installation of your home – they directly manage all sitework and foundation work, as well as follow-on trades like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, roofing, siding, drywall, and finish carpentry.


Our process can be distilled to six simple steps:

  • Step 1: Introduction to your General Contractor


  • Step 2: Design modifications


  • Step 3: Collective engaged by your General Contractor


  • Step 4: Prefabrication Design Review


  • Step 5: Fabrication

  • Step 6: Delivery & Installation

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