Collective Carpentry was established in 2006 as a local general contracting company serving the Columbia Valley of British Columbia, Canada, where hot summers and cold winters called for an approach to construction and design that delivered the highest levels of quality, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort a building could offer.

In 2014, the company followed European innovators in panelized fabrication of wall and roof building elements, and took construction of wall and roof assemblies off-site, to an indoor facility where 90% of framing, insulation, and air and moisture control layers could be installed, with a far greater level of control over quality, design, waste management, material selection, and worker health and safety.

By the year 2020, the team had completed over 25 custom homes (over half to Passive House or Net Zero standards of energy efficiency and comfort) with their experience in the shop and in the field leading to the development of pre-designed homes and pre-designed panels offered in collaboration with architecture and developer partners in the US and Canada, and a proprietary building system that optimizes factory output and minimizes material waste, making off-site construction more and more affordable for building owners of all types.  

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