Serving architects, builders, homeowners, and developers in western Canada and the western United States.
– Proudly made in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada –

Serving architects, builders, homeowners, and developers in Western Canada and the western United States.
– Proudly made in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada –



We are Collective Carpentry, offering a unique and innovative approach to constructing comfortable, sustainable, high performance buildings. We specialize in Passive House and Net Zero design principles, low embodied carbon materials, and off-site prefabrication methods.

Our mission is to bring quality, comfort, health, safety, wise economic choices, and environmental responsibility more within reach for our customers, employees, and collaborators.

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Our Team

We are young entrepreneurs, raising families and investing in our community. We are a collective of experienced, dedicated individuals, running our business on a set of strong principles in order to better the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our efforts.

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What we value

Without values, construction will continue to look the same as it did in the 20th century – code minimum, foam plastic insulation, too much concrete, poor working conditions, low standards for quality, regular delays and cost overruns, and a mounting housing crisis.

By agreeing on a set of collective values for our projects, we can work together to bring construction into the 21st century.  Our success is defined by improvement on integrating these values into our business and your project.

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Our Approach

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Our Services

We make life simple for architects, builders, and building owners by offering an end-to-end solution from design through installation.

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Our Process

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Why Collective?

Learn more about our experience, our flexibility, and how our commitment to communication and quality set us apart.  Looking for a builder?  Architect?  See the difference with one of Collective Carpentry’s trusted partners.

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“Working with Collective Carpentry was one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of our project to build a high-performance net zero energy passive home. They came in on time, on budget, and with exceptional customer service.  It was a pleasure working with Jan, Rane, Andrew and team. It is clear they take pride in what they do, and they do it well.  Their good energy is part of our home. Many Thanks Collective Carpentry!”

Janice Larson & Brent Bowyer, Homeowners, Lake Country, British Columbia

“These days we’re actually doing mostly prefab, so most of our custom homes are being built by Collective Carpentry, they have a couple of really fabulous foam-free walls that I’m a big fan of, and they just generally speaking are really qualified and wonderful Passive House company to work with.”

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Collective Carpentry on two significant residential projects here in New Mexico up at 10,000 ft in Taos Ski Valley.  Collective is a top notch team of highly skilled, enthusiastic, reliable and very professional people.  Their design team is very responsive and their shop crew is on point, a combination that makes their installs go smooth, fast, and safe.

Even when crossing international borders and traveling 1,500 miles they were on schedule, highly organized, safe, responsible, and so much fun to have on my sites.  I will continue to steer my projects in their direction and would recommend their approach to high performance building time and time again.  Thank you guys for making my projects better!”

“Collective Carpentry was the best choice for creating our high performance home. They took our Passive House design and made it a reality. I appreciated their collaborative energy, principled approach, and mutual passion for sustainable homes. They made our dream come true and exceeded our expectations by delivering a quality home within our budget. Their involvement saved our schedule! Homebuilding can be stressful but working with Jan, Rane, and Collective Carpentry was easy and an absolute pleasure.”

“When it comes to high performance prefabricated buildings, Collective Carpentry is easily the best resource in North America when it comes to knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship.  We’ve worked with the team for almost 10 years now and consistently choose prefab over site built construction any day of the week.  If you are looking for quality, professionalism, and a significant speed advantage then look no further as we strongly endorse the team at Collective Carpentry.”

Brett Sichello, Nido Design

“I toured the home with the clients, they were like kids in a candy store, so impressed by how the panels came together and how the CC system is framed + insulated. It was pure joy in their voices.”

Kluane Gorsuch, Love Schack Architecture

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