Our design team is the brains of our operation, responsible for taking an architectural design and turning it into a plan for prefabrication.  We take a set of architectural drawings and build it piece by piece in a software called CADWork, a 3D modeling program that integrates various downstream processes in the manufacturing process.

The design team is also responsible for ensuring that the prefab design is in alignment with engineering requirements, that considerations for the real-world constraints of panelizing, shop fabrication, and shipping are taken into account, and for producing a variety of in-house tools for the sales, production, and installation teams, including:

  • A preliminary 3D model: for use in providing an accurate construction cost estimate
  • Review drawings: a full set of drawings used to collaborate with engineers and architects to finalize structural and architectural details for the panels and associated structural components Collective Carpentry will provide
  • Order lists: materials to order for the specific project in question, exported directly from the computer model
  • Cut lists: specific instructions for processing materials, including exact dimensions  and cutting instructions for each piece of dimensional lumber, I-joist, LVL, or mass timber element
  • Shop drawings: 2D drawings in section and in plan of each of the panels, complete with instructions for production sequence, nailing patterns, insulation, weather barrier application, airtightness detailing, and penetration conduit preparation
  • Install drawings: 2D drawings that guide the installation team in sequencing the installation of prefab elements, structural posts and beams, other mass timber elements, and any crucial airsealing sequencing steps

While much of our design work is for custom projects, clients also have the ability to employ a reduced scope of design services by incorporating pre-designed panels into their designs, or by choosing a pre-designed building for their project.  For more information on pre-designed panels and pre-designed buildings, see here.

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