Collective Carpentry floor panels offer a crucial component of the structure and are often required in order to complete the installation of wall and roof panels in an efficient, consecutive sequence.  

We offer two types of floor panels:

  1. Uninsulated floor panels: The simplest panel, typically built with dimensional lumber, I-joists, and LVL rim boards, with a layer of glued and screwed, tongue-and-groove plywood on top.

  2. Insulated floor panels: The same panel as above, but with a membrane or plywood bottom that holds in a cavity of dense-packed cellulose (recycled newspaper) insulation, installed in the shop.  These panels typically provide structure while also providing sound insulation and/or heat resistance insulation for unconditioned attics.

Clients often ask if we deliver the first floor panel to go on top of foundation stem walls, and the answer is typically no, due to needs for both plumbing and electrical work in this typically insulated panel, and the need to have foundations backfilled before equipment can be brought in to install wall, additional floor, and roof panels.  Therefore the majority of our floor panels are either mid-floor panels or ceiling panels under unconditioned attics.

Interested in diving into more details?  Contact us to request a set of standard details for our panel systems showing assembly bulidups and typical connections both within and outside of our scope.

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