Working with us starts with a connection, and evolves into something much greater.  Whether you’re building your first home, a professional with decades of experience, or are interested in joining our team, you’ll find us to be accessible and open-minded, yet focused and ambitious.

It can be a tough decision to try something new, to trust a new partner, to build a new relationship, or to fight for better quality in the construction industry – we understand.  Add to that an increasing competitive landscape as more companies seek to do just like we’ve done, following innovations in Europe and bringing the benefits of prefabrication and off-site high performance construction to the demanding climates of North America.

While our systems are the bedrock on which our services rely, the individuals who make it happen are the foundation for our success, and the collective we’ve assembled to date are rockstars.  But the true advantage of working with us isn’t in any one thing we offer – it’s in the collective we can build together.  By agreeing early in the process on a set of values to drive our projects forward together, we can realize an effort that is

  • Mission-oriented
  • Higher quality
  • More consistent
  • More adaptable and resilient
  • More fun

That’s the Collective Building Advantage.

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