• Competitive cost

  • Leaves significant room for architectural design freedom

  • Requires a focused but efficient design review process

  • Optimizes prefab factory and installation processes and limits material waste

  • Ideal for custom homes, multifamily developments, and commercial and institutional buildings

Choosing to work with our optimized high performance panel designs involves letting Collective Carpentry guide certain aspects of the building envelope and structural design based on what makes the most efficient use of our prefabricated approach, from the materials used to construct the insulated, airtight, structural building panels to the limitation of waste and custom design time, increased speed of production, and ease of installation on site.  

These optimizations allow us to provide a building envelope package that is competitive with building a high performance building envelope on site, while offering more quality control, better pricing accuracy, and an efficient use of time on site. 

We recommend all projects – even fully custom home builds – choose the Optimized route.  The same goes for multifamily developments, and institutional and commercial buildings, where cost competitiveness is often a large driver of project feasibility.

For more about the Collective Carpentry Building System, a framework for the Optimized building envelope package, see here.

Optimized panels are ideal for most construction projects – from single-family homes to multifamily, commercial, and institutional buildings.

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