Invermere Shop

Our Invermere shop serviced our needs for producing wall and roof panels for custom home projects from its inception in 2014 to its planned decommissioning in 2021.  With a design office, materials receiving and storage area, cutting station, framing tables, a hoist for moving panels down the production line, and outdoor storage for completed projects waiting to be delivered and installed, the Invermere shop is where we have honed our processes using less capital-intensive, more manual strategies for constructing highly insulated, airtight, moisture tolerant, and structurally sound assemblies.  

Shop Expansion

Our shop expansion in 2021 will allow us to take production to the next level, implementing a Weinmann line of semi-automated panel fabrication equipment that integrates with our design software and enables an increase in capacity, efficiency, and quality control.  Indoor panel storage, greater production floor area, and CNC cutting of materials are some of the other benefits of our shop expansion.

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