Collective Carpentry supports high performance construction projects by manufacturing prefabricated, structural, super-insulated, & wood-based wall, roof, and floor panels in a climate-controlled facility in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada.  

Conventional construction too often sees increases in time and cost on the job-site, with issues from weather delays to crew and subcontractor availability, material storage, and quality control.  By taking a number of these uncertainties off the jobsite, prefabrication provides us the ability to assist general contractors, architects, and building owners, who see a clear value in contracting our services for their building projects.

We help project teams reduce site time and uncertainties for small to medium scale construction projects by utilizing our capabilities in the following six areas:

Our services are typically offered as an all-inclusive package that allows us to  identify, design, produce, deliver, and install an appropriate structural, insulated, airtight, high performance shell for the building, starting after the foundation is set and finishing when the building is weathered in and ready for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and finishing work.

Our commitment to accuracy, quality, customer service, and integrated design is evident in each and every stage of our process, from the initial conversation through the design process, panel production, panel logistics, and panel installation.  

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