Our logistics coordination starts with the quoting process in assessing a site for trucking access, and kicks into gear when panels are taken from the shop or from storage and loaded onto an 18-wheel flatbed trailer for transportation to the site.  We flat-pack panels, which allows us to maximize the amount of panel shipped per truck, and thus to minimize the trucking expense.  When required, panels are transferred to smaller trucks, barges, or other means of transportation for sites with difficult access.  Our simplified shipping approach and flexibility and creativity in coordination with local logistics companies is an effort which allows us to ship almost anywhere in western Canada and the western United States, including to islands, up small mountain roads, and other difficult access sites.

Because of the intense amount of coordination involved in facilitating panel delivery, Collective Carpentry install teams are present for all hand-offs of material and on the day of delivery at the jobsite.  Panels are typically unloaded and “staged” on the site, to minimize wait time and reduce cost for trucking companies. 

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