Choosing your design paradigm can be a question fundamental to the client needs for the project.  Is it a house they can move into in the next few months?  A forever home that they want to spend the next three years designing and customizing?  A simple, compact, replicable multifamily model for their portfolio?  A community housing development?

Due to the amount of design time involved in developing a panelized solution for a custom home or custom multifamily, institutional, or commercial building, clients sometimes see the benefit of avoiding the time and associated costs of this design time by choosing an approach that uses either components or complete building designs that have already been, you guessed it – designed!

Whatever your situation, we suggest you start by considering the advantages of a pre-designed structure, and let your appetite for customization (and the resulting cost which usually accompanies it) guide how far towards the custom end of the spectrum you’d like to go.

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