Panel installation picks up where the logistics process leaves off, and involves a carefully planned process directed by a set of install drawings.  After the site is verified to be ready for installation, install team operators typically use a telehandler for installing lower floor wall panels and some mid-floor panels, with appropriate interventions for structural posts and beams, airtight gaskets, airtight tapes, airtight caulks, structural connections, assurance that elements are level and plumb, and additional quality control measures.

Further wall, floor, and roof panels are typically installed with a 50-ton crane, operated by a licensed crane operator and directed by a Collective Carpentry install team lead.  

Installation of typical single family home projects lasts between 1 day and 10 days, depending on the complexity and volume of panels and panel configurations installed.  Installation for larger projects can be staged in multiple phases, or accomplished at once.

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