• Lower cost, well designed, and often more affordable

  • Provides a ready-to-purchase building design

  • Designed to optimize a prefabricated approach

  • Requires only minimal adaptations for your building site

  • Ideal for single-family homes, ADUs, and multifamily developments

A pre-designed plan is a completely designed (and mostly engineered) set of building plans for a home, ADU (accessory dwelling unit), or multifamily building. 

More than just a set of assorted legos, this approach is more akin to buying a lego set with instructions for how to make a specific end product.  All you have to do is adapt the foundation plan for your building site, make some decisions on orientation and finishes, and it’s off to the races.

Imagine you’re going skiing on a cold day, and someone provides you several complete outfits to choose from, all of which will keep you warm and make you look great on the hill.  No mixing and matching, just a variety of perfect complete solutions for you to choose based on whatever suits you best.

Pre-designed plans are a bit more pervasive than pre-designed components, and as such you’ll find a variety of companies that offer this approach, some with the ability to incorporate pre-designed panels, and others with a bit of flexibility on the approach including the option to build on site.

Collective Carpentry offers two pathways towards using a pre-designed plan with our super-insulated prefabricated panelized construction methods:

  • Collective Homes – a selection of homes designed in-house to optimize energy, carbon, comfort, fabrication, delivery, and installation.  For cold and cold-mixed climates.  Now available for preorder.
  • Collective Design Partner Homes – high performance homes designed by our award-winning design partners for construction with the Collective Carpentry Building System.

Get in touch to find out more about plans from Artisans Group, B Public Prefab, NIDO Design, and others.  We’re happy to help you choose a design that fits your style, budget, and location – some are on our partners’ websites, others are curated from “off-the-menu” lists to suit your particular project goals.

Tell us the place, architectural style (modern/contemporary, craftsman, mountain, etc.), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and building footprint to get us started on matching a pre-designed plan to your needs.

Pre-designed plans are ideal for building high-quality, well-designed single family homes without an extensive design process, and can also be utilized by developers looking for replicable solutions.

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