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A better home

Collective Homes are designed, planned, and built with Collective experience.  They are the result of a marriage between the warmth of wood, the efficiency of a 21st century building system, and the recognition of the dynamic nature of the future. They are an evolving platform for the flexible lifestyles and responsible footprint of tomorrow’s families, designed to keep generations of occupants comfortable, healthy, active, and safe.

Collective Homes give you choices where you want them, predictability where it matters, and the durability and quality of a custom home without the design fees and planning delays. This is not your grandparents’ modular home. Collective Homes offer a beautiful, vernacular form using a pre-fabricated structure built off-site by our carpenters and installed at your site by our carpenters, for people who value old-world craft, with a few modern improvements. Collective Homes exceed building code requirements, value the renewable energy captured and stored from the sun, are modestly-sized, provide filtered fresh air with heat recovery, and are designed to make maintenance easy and hassle free.

Collective Homes offer a hybrid, more attainable approach to achieving a better life in a better home than the approach required by a custom high performance home process, that which is largely unattainable for most homebuyers. They are designed for principled people who are engaged in the conversation about the nature of materials and how we build, and yet don’t believe that they need to reinvent the wheel. They incorporate knowledge learned building exclusively high performance custom homes to a simplified, optimized process for delivering a high performance home for a wider market. They are modest homes for modest people, who believe in a world where better comfort, health, and sustainability are more within reach for any who desire it.

A home that suits your needs

A Collective Home package offers all of the things an aspiring homeowner needs to understand, assess, and build an energy-efficient, comfortable, sustainable home. Recognizing that we all want a bit of choice in our lives, the Collective Home platform offers a set of base designs from which to make choices about a number of items from layout to foundation type, style, add-ons, performance, and finishes. Consider a Collective Home as something in between a custom home and a modular turnkey home, one which provides the design and basic building structure (including the insulation, airsealing, weather protection, and windows) that make it a high performance building, but which leaves foundation and finishes to a site team located in your area.

We’re proud to launch 3 home designs for our 2022/2023 building season – a 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom, all with flexible utility and/or additional office spaces and a super-insulated high performance shell.  Each of these homes is modeled to the Passive House Low Energy Building Standard and prioritizes the use of wood-based, low Material Carbon Emission (MCE) materials throughout – sustainability, environmental consciousness, and construction efficiency are at their core. Large south-facing windows, adequate shading from the high summer sun, thick walls, an airtight building enclosure, and fresh air heat recovery ventilation are just some of the ways these houses are designed to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year with minimal heating and cooling required.

At Collective Carpentry we’re all about flexibility, which is why these designs give you the flexibility to make these homes your own. We provide the prefabricated building enclosure as a collection of panels and structural timber elements which are installed by our team at your site – along with windows and doors – taking you from foundation to lock-up in 10 days or less. From there the choice is yours – take the specifications we’ve proposed or choose to customize the design for a different layout, different interior and exterior finishes, or the addition of a basement, exterior deck, carport, or anything else you would like. We focus on the high performance building enclosure, and you focus on making this your home.

What’s included

When you purchase a Collective Home package, you get the following:

  1. A full pdf architectural set of the home design, including:
    • Cover page with 3D rendering and general conditions based on your jurisdiction
    • Foundation plan for standard foundation options (slab on grade and crawlspace on flat site)
    • Detailed floorplans
    • Reflected ceiling plan
    • Roof plan
    • Elevations
    • Building sections
    • Section details
    • HVAC design
  2. A 3D model of your home, viewable without any special software thanks to the web-based Autodesk Viewer.
  3. A 3D model of your prefabricated building envelope, viewable without any special software thanks to the web-based Cadwork Viewer.
  4. PDF technical review drawings for the prefabricated building envelope.
  5. 20 complementary design hours for minor modifications to the building.
  6. A preliminary budget tool to assist in pricing the foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and finishes.
  7. A super-insulated, weathertight, airtight building envelope (first floor walls, roof, second floor and second floor walls where applicable, and interior load-bearing walls) fabricated in our Invermere facility, delivered to your site and installed by our team.
  8. Pre-cut, finished architectural grade lumber and glulam for interior and exterior structure, delivered to your site and installed by our team.
  9. A high performance triple-pane window and door package, delivered to your site and installed by our team.
  10. A complementary blower door test to verify the performance of your building enclosure (optional).
  11. A 1-year warranty on all materials and labour provided by Collective Carpentry.
  12. Inputs required for a site-specific PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) energy model

What’s not included

Collective Carpentry Home packages do not include:

  1. Additional architectural design hours (beyond the 20 complementary hours) for design changes or producing documentation required for permit drawings.
  2. Additional Cadwork panel design hours for changes to the building form or exterior structure
  3. A site plan for your building permit
  4. An engineer’s stamp for your building permit
  5. An architect’s stamp for your building permit
  6. Project management or other supervision of your construction before or after the panel and window install
  7. Materials nor installation of foundation, main level floor, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, hot water, finishes, and renewable energy systems.
  8. A comprehensive home warranty, which should be provided by your general contractor.
  9. A general contracting fee, which may be required by your general contractor for costs related to project coordination, management, and warranty.
  10. Passive House, Net Zero, or other energy modeling services.

Additional services we can offer

Collective Carpentry can offer the following additional design services:

  1. Additional architectural design hours for design changes or producing documentation required for permit drawings.
  2. Additional Cadwork panel design hours for changes to the building form or exterior structure.
  3. A site plan for your building permit
  4. Passive House, Net Zero, or other energy modeling services.

Questions?  Just email us at and we’d be happy to help!  Or submit a non-binding pre-order to have an advisor walk through your project with you.

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