Collective Homes

High performance prefab homes for modest people with modest means.

Collective Homes are designed, planned, and built with Collective experience. They are the result of a marriage between the warmth of wood, the efficiency of a 21st century building  system, and the recognition of the dynamic nature of the future. They are an evolving platform for the flexible lifestyles and responsible footprint of tomorrow’s families, designed to  keep generations of occupants comfortable, healthy, active, and safe from the risks of sacrificing quality for short-term gain.

Collective Homes give you choices where you want them, predictability where it matters, and the durability and quality of a custom home without a long and costly design process. This is not your grandparents’ modular home. Collective Homes offer a beautiful, vernacular form using a pre-fabricated structure built off-site by our carpenters and installed at your site by our carpenters, for people who value old-world craft, with a few modern improvements. Collective Homes exceed building code requirements, value the renewable  energy captured and stored from the sun, are modestly-sized, provide filtered fresh air with heat recovery, and are designed to make maintenance easy and hassle free.

Collective Homes offer a hybrid, more attainable approach to achieving a better life in a better home than the approach required by a custom high performance home process, that which is largely unattainable for most homebuyers. They are designed for principled people who are engaged in the conversation about the nature of materials and how we build, and  yet don’t believe that they need to reinvent the wheel. They incorporate knowledge learned building exclusively high performance custom homes to a simplified, optimized process for  delivering a high performance home for a wider market. They are modest homes for modest people with modest means, who believe in a world where better comfort, health, and sustainability is more within reach for any who desire it.

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